Addendum to Oak Hill Cemetery (older sections) 1822-1991

This document was prepared by Shirley J. Reeve, and member of OCGS. Shirley has generously shared the document with the Society and Oak Hill Cemetery researchers.

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This is an addendum to the book of burials “Oak Hill Cemetery (older sections) 1822-1991” which was originally prepared by Beverly Lancaster and Russell Reed, published in 1992 by the Pontiac Area Historical and Genealogical Society and reprinted in 2002 by the Oakland County Genealogical Society.

Please refer to the cover page of that book for comments regarding its origins and accuracy.

The original book listed burials in alphabetical order by the person’s surname. This index lists surnames in order by burial location (block/plot number.) Names where the burial location is unclear (either with no specific plot number shown in the original book or with a DAR, BL or Hosp notation) were not transcribed herein. The location of many old burials is not known or not recorded in the cemetery records.

Please note that only one last name-burial location is given for each such combination. Thus, the listing “09-074 DICKSON” means that at least one person with the name Dickson is buried in Block 9, Plot 74. Multiple burials of people with the same name in the same plot are not listed separately. Please refer to the original book for the complete list of persons in the stated plot.

Also included is a revised map of Block 1 showing the general locations of sections A, B and C.

Shirley J Reeve