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December 10, 2015 By: Pam Warren
Where Art Thou, PERSI was presented by Melissa C. Tennant, MLS at Genealogy Center at Allen County Public Library, December 9, 2016
These are my notes from this presentaton.
NOTE: Please remember that we have complete indexes for Acorns to Oaks here on the websie and members received access to volumes 1-30 in the member area.
I attended this program to find out whether Acorns to Oaks is being indexed and what access options are. The answer to that question was that periodicals currently being purchased by the Library and on their shelves is being indexed. Access is available through FindMyPast and to patrons of the Allen County Public Library on ACPL computers or on their WiFi.
Overview of session:
What is PERSI
  • Subject index (not surname index) of more than 10,000 historical and genealogical magazines, over 2.5 million entries. Periodicals from US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia. Based on subject categories/record types.
  • Created at the Allen County Public Library
  • Print
  • CD ROM
  • Online
    • Ancestry – till about a year ago
    • HeritageQuest—currently called PERSI archive, last update 2009. Will eventually disappear
PERSI Present
  • FindMyPast.com
    • Has no library edition, home subscriptions available.
    • Also available in the Allen County Public Library using their computers or on their WiFi
    • Clicking through to an article produces a link to issue the article of interest in was printed in. the explanation given: FMP can gain permission to link the whole publication from the publisher, but it is impossible to obtain rights to individual articles (deceased authors, estates, etc).
PERSI Future
  • “FindMYPast is working in conjunction with the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) to provide access to digital images of society journals, newsletters, and periodicals. This will lead to more publications becoming available through PERSI. FindMYPast continues to seek contract within the genealogical community to make this project as success”
  • There were “hints” that there might be expansion. NO specific statement that this will happen, just “FMP does not have this option now.”
    • Indexing surnames
    • Library edition
Search hints
  • In early indexing there were restrictions in the length of fields, abbreviations, sometimes unconventional were used.
    • Use creative searching: Indiana, Ind, IN, and so on. Another: grandparents, gparents, gpar, etc.
  • Adding a city, town or village name is relatively new
    • Search using county/state.
  • Search broadly, then apply filters. Results can be unexpected
  • In FMP terminology “transcription” means citation. Clicking on “transcription” in search results brings up a citation screen showing a citation
    • In the “transcription” citation:
      • Topics = Publication Details. This means that an Acorns articles would probably show US-Michigan under topic
      • Place = what the article is about. This is related to subjects and categories. In this example an article from Acorns would contain Oakland, Michigan, US
When I got home I did go to FindMyPast, and I was able to search PERSI. The path is: Search, Newspapers and Periodicals, then select PERSI. A search for “Acorns to Oaks” in the keyword field (which is called “what else”) produced 1,106 articles. The results show Acorns articles through 2012. That is, when I used the filter “publication date 2014 +/- 2” the newest article which was returned was published in 2012. The search returned only the title of the article and the year it was published. Looking at the detailed result is possible only for subscribers.
In this way, the session was misleading. Apparently anyone can search subscription or not, but only subscribers can click through and get details regarding the articles.
So the bottom line is that Acorns is indexed, you may search on the FMP site without a subscription. But the only people who have access to detailed search results from the index are FMP subscribers and Allen County Public Library patrons.

October 30, 2015 By: Pam Warren
Free Access

Free access to the New England Historic Genealogy Society Society Cemetery Databases October 30 to November 7. You must register for a free account to take advantage of this offer. Cemeteries available:

American Jewish Historical Society – New England Archives:
Jewish Cemeteries in Massachusetts
Boston, MA: Old Cemeteries of Boston
Brooklyn, NY: Cemetery Inscriptions, 1686-1882
Cemetery Transcriptions from the NEHGS Manuscript Collections
Charleston, SC: Inscriptions in Old Jewish Cemeteries, 1762-1903
Dedham, MA: Church and Cemetery Records 1638-1845
Gloucester, MA: Burials in Gloucester Cemeteries
New York: Long Island Cemetery Inscriptions, 1652-1910
North Andover, MA: Burials in Ridgewood Cemetery, 1848-1950
Northampton, MA: West Farms Cemetery
Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Database Index
Sharon, MA: Sharon Memorial Park Cemetery
Sterling, MA: Leg Cemetery Records
Westbrook, CT: Cemetery Inscriptions
Western Massachusetts: Jewish Cemeteries of Western Massachusetts


Access at: americanancestors.org.

August 19, 2015 By: Pam Warren
Oakview Tombstone Readings Updated
Our readings of the Oakview Cemetery, Royal Oak, Michigan have been updated and are available on CD. The book has been out of print for several years, and we elected to wait for updated readings rather than reprint the older book. The updated readings include burials up to early 2013. Our sincere thanks to Susan VanEck and her team for the efforts they made to update this important project.
There are 808 pages on this completely searchable CD, available for $25.00 and $2.50 shipping and handling. You can purchase the new CD in the store.
February 25, 2015 By: Pam Warren
Library Catalog Uploaded!
Many thanks to our librarian, Joanne Steckling, who has completed six month's work updating our library catalog. Our new website contains an electronic catalog which makes it easier to locate a title. There are five ways to access our book collection:
Using the electronic catalog you may access the collection by Subject, Title or access all listings at once. The catalog is located at: http://ocgsmi.org/libraryRecords.php.
You may also down load PDF files by author or title. The PDF files are completely searchable and are located here:
Thank you, Joanne.
January 7, 2015 By: Pam Warren
Next meeting -- Preserving Family Photos
Don't miss our next meeting on February 2, 2015 at 7 p.m. The topic is: Priceless Photo/Film/Video Preservation Workshop
Rob Hoffman will explain where to begin to organize and archive family analog possessions. Mr. Hoffman's presentation will include the top ten preservation mistakes and how to avoid them.
We meet at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 5500 North Adams Troy, MI 48098 (between Long Lake and Square Lake)