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Click here for the registration form for the 2020 SLC research trip, hosted by the Oakland County Genealogical Society. The trips began in 1986, and have been annual since 1988.


Dates are June 2-10 with an option to stay a 9th night and get an extra day at the Library.


If you haven't gone in recent years, there are a few new things going on. Many of the microfilms have been digitized, and more are being done all the time. However, due to contractual obligations with the record holders, there are many digitized films that are only visible at a Family History Center or even only at the Family History Library in SLC.  Be sure  to check all films you wish to look at to see where they can be accessed. I was amazed how many of the films I needed to see were digitized but not visible from home. So, I guess we may just keep this trip going as long as there is interest.


Remember back in the 1980s and 90s when the Family History Library was open 7:30 am -10 pm? Well, they haven't gone back to that but the Library has increased its hours, now being open 8am-9pm M-Sat! The Family Search Discovery Experience on the first floor is even open on Sunday, 1-5. With the Discovery Center now at the Library, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building FamilySearch Center has closed. 


Many of the microfilm readers have been moved to storage but tables that have an interactive film reader, scanner and a computer have moved in to some of that space. Nice work stations. Don't forget to get up now and then to walk around! 


We only have 10 hotel rooms reserved, and must utilize half of them as standard rooms and half as deluxe rooms (larger, extra sink outside bathroom, table and chairs in addition to the desk, nice view out the front of the hotel). If the standard rooms go first, additional registrants will be assigned deluxe rooms with the commensurate pricing. Triple and 4-person occupancy rooms  are a bit higher cost per room. I guess it is due to the extra towels and fuller waste baskets! Contact me for prices if you are interested in 4-person occupancy room. All rooms have a microwave and small refrigerator.


The base trip is for an 8-night stay at the hotel (check out June 10th), with an option to add a 9th night (check out June 11th). With airfares going up and up, again last year most people stayed the extra night. 


Feel free to share this flyer with anyone else who may be interested.


Happy Family History-ing!