Helpful Sources for African-American Genealogy

Searches for African American ancestors on most of the well-known genealogy platforms such as and often lead to dead ends, particularly for those who lived only in what became the Confederate States of America. However, there are records from the Freedman’s Bureau, and even Canadian records that can be extremely helpful. Speaker: …

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Society Board Meeting

A board meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 11, 2022  at 7 p.m. Whether the meeting will be in person or Zoom has yet to be determined. Please check back for more information.

Where are the Early Dead of Detroit?

OCGS Vice President, Derek Blount will present a review of the early cemeteries of Detroit and what happened to them, and the people buried there.

Michigan-Ontario Migration

Shirley Hodges will present information on migration between Michigan and Ontario and how it affected both countries.  The lecturer will share ideas on ways to find these individuals and explain possible reasons people migrated between Michigan and Ontario in both directions, including factors such as employment and business opportunities, new transportation routes and cheap land.