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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  977.154 H2H 1798 history of Licking County, Ohio; its past and present. 1881. Hill, N. N.
View Record  977.438 H2D 1817 history of Oakland County, Michigan with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, palatial residences, public buildings, fine blocks and important manufacturers, from original sketches by artists of the highest quality. 1877. Durant, Samuel W.
View Record  973.0431 H2P 300 years Palatines in America. 1984. Paul, Roland
View Record  942.53 E5B A Gazetteer of historic Lincolnshire for family and local historians. 1997. Branson, Sam
View Record  942 H2O A history of England before the Norman Conquest. 6th ed. 1994. Oman, Charles William Chadwick
View Record  941.5 E7M A New genealogical atlas of Ireland. 1986. Mitchell, Brian
View Record  977.438 H2C All about Franklin, from pioneers to preservation. 1979. Cannon, Bettie Waddell
View Record  977.4 E4M Along the tracks; a directory of named places on Michigan railroads. 1987. Meints, Graydon M.
View Record  941.5 H2D Anglo-Norman Ireland, c.1100-1318. 1972. Dolley, Michael
View Record  942.9 H2N Annals and antiquities of the counties and county families of Wales. 2 v. 1991. Nicholas, Thomas
View Record  929.273 D3De Antoine Deloria, a Michigan pioneer. 2000. Thousand, Anne LaVallee
View Record  974.6 U21R Apprentices of Connecticut, 1637-1900. 1986. Ritter, Kathy A.
View Record  977.438 J4A Asylum: Pontiac's grand monument from the Gilded Age. 2002. Annett, Brice J.
View Record  286 K2H Baptist trail-makers of Michigan. Hayne, Coe
View Record  977.438 H2Ru Beside the golden door: an Irish American experience. Ruggles, Glen
View Record  977.433 H2 G Best Dearborn stories: voices from Henry Ford's hometown. 2011. Good, David L.
View Record  977.438 H2Sm Bloomfield blossoms: glimpses into the history of Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. 1976. Smith, Kay
View Record  974.55 D2S Bristol, Rhode Island's early settlers. 1992. Saunders, Dorothy Chapman
View Record  282.774 K2P Catholic Church in Detroit, 1701-1888. 1951. Pare, George
View Record  929.273 D3Bu Clarence Monroe Burton: Detroit's historian: a biographical sketch. 1953. Burton, Patricia Owens
View Record  977.1794 M2W Clermont County, Ohio; Revolutionary War heroes, v.1. 1990. Whitt, Aileen Miller
View Record  977.136 E3C Combination atlas map of Summit County, Ohio; compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys. 1874.
View Record  974.6 A3K Connecticut researcher’s handbook. 1981. Kemp, Thomas Jay
View Record  911 E3P Country life book of antique maps; an introduction to the history of maps and how to appreciate them. 1988. Potter, Jonathan
View Record  973.3 C4D DAR patriot index : V. 1-A-F; V.2 G-O; V. 3 P-Z. 2003. National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution
View Record  977.434 D3 J1 Detroit's Mount Elliott Cemetery. 2006. Jensen, Cecile Wendt
View Record  977.434 D3 J Detroit's Mount Olivet Cemetery. 2006 Jensen, Cecile Wendt
View Record  977.434 H2 H Detroit's Woodmere Cemetery. 2006. Hershenzon, Gail D.
View Record  942 H2K Dictionary of British history. 1992. Kenyon, John Phillips
View Record  977.438 H2StE Early Addison Township history; bicentennial 1976: a memorial to those whose labors wrought a fine community from wilderness. 1975. Stafford, Barbara Diana Maddox
View Record  977.434 H2P Early days in Detroit; being his personal reminiscences of important events and descriptions of the city for over eighty years. 1906. Palmer, Friend
View Record  977.438 K2e Early records, Southfield United Presbyterian Church. 1985.
View Record  903 H4L Encyclopedia of History; ancient; medieval, and modern, chronologically arranged. 5th ed. 1980. Langer, William Leonard
View Record  975.536 H2F Forgotten companions; the first settlers of Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburgh town (with notes on early land use.) 1982. Felder, Paula Smith
View Record  942 D3Ha Four Gothic kings; the turbulent history of medieval England and the Plantagenet kinds 91216-1377) Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III seen through the eyes of their contemporaries. 1987. Hallam, Elizabeth M.
View Record  974.7 E5F Gazetteer of the State of New York, embracing a comprehensive view of the geography, geology, and general history of the state. 1860, reprinted 1980. French, John Homer
View Record  977.4 A5M Guide to the Michigan genealogical and historical collections at the Library of Michigan and the State Archives of Michigan. 1996. Michigan Genealogical Council
View Record  977.4993 H2 M Hancock, Michigan remembered V.1. 1982. Monette, Clarence J.
View Record  977.115 H2H Henry County, Ohio; a collection of historical sketches and family histories. V.1, 1976. Henry County Historical Society
View Record  929.1072 H2J History for genealogists: using chronological time lines to find and understand your ancestors Jacobson, Judy
View Record  977.412 H2h History of Cass County, Michigan: with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers. 1882.
View Record  944 H2B History of France. 1983. Bertier de Sauvigny, Guillaume de
View Record  977.437 H2E History of Genesee County, Michigan with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers. 1879. Ellis, Franklin
View Record  977.436 H2h History of Livingston County, Michigan: with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers. 1880. Ellis, Franklin
View Record  977.438 H2Se History of Oakland County, Michigan; a narrative account of its historical progress, its peoples, and its principal interests. 2 v. 1912. Seeley, Thaddeus DeWitt
View Record  948 H2D History of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. 1979. Derry, Thomas Kingston
View Record  977.136 H2P History of Summit County, with an outline sketch of Ohio. 1881. Perrin, William Henry
View Record  976.897 H2C History of Washington County, Tennessee. 2001. Cox, Joyce
View Record  974.841 H2R History of York County, Pennsylvania. 1991. Rupp, Israel Daniel
View Record  977.438 H2R If this is Hastings…then where Is Hog’s Hollow? A discovery of the lost villages in Oakland and Macomb Counties. 1990. Remer, Deborah J.
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Records: 1 to 50 of 127