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View Record  977.436 X2K 1880 Federal census and mortality schedule, Livingston County, Michigan. 1997. King, Kernie L.
View Record  977.438 V23S Auburn Hills death records and the Aaron Webster Cemetery, Oakland County, Michigan. Scott, Dorothy
View Record  974.744 V21K Baptism record of Schenectady Reformed Church, Schenectady, N.Y., 1694-1811. Kelly, Arthur C. M.
View Record  976.3 V2L Be it known and remembered: Bible records, v. 5. 1992. Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society
View Record  942.53 V25Mb Beltisloe Deanery, 1813-1837. 1987. Miller, Vera E.
View Record  942.53 D2B British briefs, contributed by members of Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology. 2 v. 1982.
View Record  977.438 V22L Cemetery and death records, Avon Township, Oakland County, Michigan. 1988. Lancaster, Beverly M.
View Record  977.438 V22Lwb Cemetery and death records, West Bloomfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan. 1898. Lancaster Beverly M.
View Record  977.438 V23L Death records, Waterford Township, Oakland County, Michigan. Lancaster, Beverly M.
View Record  977.434 V22Dd Detroit City cemetery burial records, 1854-1861; Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. 1996. Duncan, Mary Lou
View Record  974.8 K2e Early Lutheran baptisms and marriages in southeastern Pennsylvania; the records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1799. 1982.
View Record  977.434 V22I Elmwood Cemetery register, 1862-1874, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. 1998. Ibbotson, Patricia
View Record  975.6 V25G Fauquier County, Virginia marriage bonds, 1759-1854 and marriage returns, 1785-1848. 1989. Gott, John Kenneth
View Record  977.437 V2g Genesee County, Michigan birth records. V.4-6: 1889 - 1907. Cameron, Joyce
View Record  942.53 V25Jg Graffoe Deanery, 1813-1837. Johnson, C. P.
View Record  977.434 V23P Harper-Mulligan Funeral Home records. V.1: 1933-1942. 1999. Pate, Joan
View Record  977.434 V23P Harper-Mulligan Funeral Home records. V.2: 1943-1945. 2000. Pate, Joan
View Record  977.434 V23P Harper-Mulligan Funeral Home records. V.3: 1946-1949. 2005 Pate, Joan
View Record  431 Z4B If I can, you can; decipher Germanic records. 1982. Bentz, Edna M.
View Record  941.5 V25 F Irish marriages: being an index to the marriages in Walker's Hibernian Magazine: 1771 to 1812. 1972. Farrar, Henry
View Record  977.2 V25 G Lawrence County, Indiana marriages 1818-1886. 2d ed. 1998. Goff, James E.
View Record  977.2 V25 G Lawrence County, Indiana marriages 1886-1907: marriage books H to M. Goff, James E.
View Record  942.53 V25Ml Lawres Deanery, 1813-1837. 1985. Miller, Vera E.
View Record  971.459 V25S Les mariages Protestants du Comte de Levis, 1820-1948. Saint-Hilaire, Guy
View Record  942.53 V25R Lincoln City marriage index, 1813-1837. 1983. Reed, Vi
View Record  942.53 V25Jl Lincoln City marriages, 1784-1812. 2v. 1985. Johnson, C. P.
View Record  971.447 V25m Mariages de Charlesbourg (Saint Charles) 1679-1970. 1972.
View Record  977.433 V2L Marriage and death newspaper notices, Wayne County, Michigan, 1809-1868. 2001. Lambert, Marguerite N.
View Record  974.884 V2R Marriage and death notices extracted from the Genius of Liberty and Fayette Advertiser of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, 1805-1854. 1981. Rentmeister, Jean R.
View Record  929.3 V25J Marriage notices from Washington County, New York newspapers, 1799-1880. 1995. Jackson, Mary Smith
View Record  977.434 V25K Marriage records, Ste. Anne Church, Detroit, 1701-1850. Kelley, Sharon A.
View Record  977.438 V25K Marriage returns for Oakland County, Michigan, 1836-1884. 1989. Kennedy, Ruth S.
View Record  942 D2G Marriage, census, and other indexes for family historians. 4th ed. 1992. Gibson, Jeremy Sumner Wycherly
View Record  975.5672 V25B Marriages of Campbell County Virginia, 1782-1810. 200. Baber, Lucy Harrison
View Record  929.273 V25yat Marriages of some American residents and guide to documents. 5 v. 1986-87.
View Record  977.4 V23m v. 1-3 Michigan death index, 1867-1874, 3 v. 1996.
View Record  977.4 V23m v.1-5 Michigan death index, 1867-1882, 5v. 1998.
View Record  977.4 V23Mc Michigan, 1850 mortality schedule (for the state). 1996. Pate, Joan
View Record  977.4 V23Mc Michigan, 1860 mortality schedule (for the state). Pate, Joan
View Record  977.448 V25m Midland County, Michigan marriage records, 1855-1910; including groom and bride indexes. 2010. Mass, Robert O.
View Record  977.434 V22D Mt. Elliott Cemetery burial records, 1845-1861, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. 1994. Duncan, Mary Lou
View Record  977.438 V24 Oakland County, Michigan divorce records, 1839-1865. 2002. Pate, Joan
View Record  977.438 V23Lo Oakland County, Michigan; Farmington Township death records, 1867-1918. 1998. Lancaster, Beverly M.
View Record  929.371 V25W Ontario marriage notices. 1982. Wilson, Thomas B.
View Record  974.8 V21 H Pennsylvania births: Philadelphia County V. 1 1644-1765 Humphrey, John T.
View Record  942.53 V25P St. Wulfram's Parish Church, Grantham, 1813-1837. 1985. Pointer, Michael
View Record  974.6 V2B The Barbour collection of Connecticut town vital records: Norwalk 1651-1850, Norwich, 1847-1851. 2000. Barbour, Lucius Barnes
View Record  971.3 V25W The marriage registers of Upper Canada / Canada West. V.11, Pt. 1-4, Home District, 1808-1836; 1835-1843; 1843-1849; 1848-1857. Walker, Dan
View Record  977.438 V23 T Troy, Michigan Death Records, 1897 - 1938.
View Record  977.413 V21G Van Buren County birth records, 1867-1871. 1998. Grimes, Judy
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Records: 1 to 50 of 54