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And There I Take My Stand: Women’s Suffrage in Michigan

Presented by Katherine Willson.

A celebration of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage with an overview of historical contributions from Michigan’s passionate and determined citizens.

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New Index in Member’s Area

A new index of articles published in Acorns to Oaks has been added to the member’s area. The index can be searched by “location” or key word. If you are searching for articles pertaining to a certain location use that location as a search term. Most locations are in Oakland County, but there are articles from Detroit and other counties also. You may also search by a key word, perhaps “death” without quotes. That will result in all articles with the word death in the title. Members may access the new index here.

2021 OCGS Survey

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Ethnic & Religious Group Migrations to Michigan

Our webinar will examine the sources that exist about the various ethnic groups that came to Michigan, mainly focusing on the Allen County Public Library’s collection. We will look briefly at the histories of these groups and examine books, and occasionally, websites, that will allow one to do further research on these groups.

This is our joint Zoom meeting program with the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research (DSGR).  John Beatty from The Genealogy Center, Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana will be the speaker. The webinar begins at 11 a.m.

You must register in advance to attend this meeting using this link:

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This meeting will not be recorded. We hope you will join us on November 6!

John D. Beatty, CG, has been a reference librarian in The Genealogy Center since 1984 and also serves as its principal bibliographer.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree with high honors in History from the University of Michigan in 1982, and a Master of Arts degree in History and Library Science with honors from that university in 1984. He became a Board-certified genealogist in 2014.

He is the author of sixteen books on local and family history, including works on German and early American families, abstracts of town vital records from Biddeford, Maine, and annotated narratives from the Irish Rebellion of 1798, as well as numerous articles on a variety of genealogical and local historical topics. In 2006, he served as principal editor for volume one of a two-volume History of Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana, 1700-2005, the first history of Allen County produced since 1917.

Because of a diversified family background, he has genealogical expertise in a variety of areas. He has conducted original research on families from colonial New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Kentucky, as well as on seventeenth and eighteenth century families from Ireland, Germany and Switzerland. He serves as archivist for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana, and his interests also include local Fort Wayne and Allen County history.

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Newspaper Archive Labor Day Special

Note: this refers to a paid site. OCGS does not specifically recommend this site, but is sharing information about the databases it contains.

Newspaper Archive has a Labor day special through September 7, 2021 A year’s access to the site is $109.90 and a 6 month subscription is $59.95.

The content available for Michigan is listed here to help you decide if this offer is right for you. There are other nationwide newspapers available, you can review available content at:

Newspaper City State Country Years Issues Updated
Adrian Daily Telegram Adrian MI US 1901-1976 1691 2/8/2011
The Alma Record Alma MI US 1885-1922 1793 6/9/2020
Alpena Weekly Argus Alpena MI US 1871-1893 1111 6/9/2020
Alpena Argus Alpena MI US 1893-1894 103 3/19/2020
Alpena Evening News Alpena MI US 1901-1910 7 1/8/2018
Alpena Labor Journal Alpena MI US 1887-1890 3 1/4/2018
Alpena Michigan Labor Journal Alpena MI US 1884-1884 1 12/19/2017
The Lake County Star Baldwin MI US 1873-1889 689 6/10/2020
Belding Banner Belding MI US 1895-1922 1229 6/9/2020
Benton Harbor News Palladium Benton Harbor MI US 1904-1975 14800 10/13/2018
Benton Harbor Evening News Benton Harbor MI US 1896-1972 1104 7/30/2018
Benton Harbor Daily Palladium Benton Harbor MI US 1896-1973 1387 7/28/2018
Benton Harbor Herald Palladium Benton Harbor MI US 1975-1977 898 7/27/2018
Benton Harbor Weekly Palladium Benton Harbor MI US 1889-1901 412 10/27/2014
News Palladium Benton Harbor MI US 1967-1967 1 10/5/2012
Bessemer Herald Bessemer MI US 1894-1970 2928 4/24/2015
Bessemer Pick and Axe Bessemer MI US 1974-1977 174 4/24/2015
Bessemer Gogebic Explorer Bessemer MI US 1885-1969 85 4/24/2015
Gogebic Iron Spirit Bessemer MI US 1890-1892 51 1/28/2015
Gogebic Explorer Bessemer MI US 1885-1885 15 10/19/2009
The Copper Country Evening News Calumet MI US 1896-1898 742 6/9/2020
The Calumet News Calumet MI US 1912-1914 822 3/19/2020
The Northern Tribune Cheboygan MI US 1875-1885 485 2/5/2021
Cheboygan Democrat Cheboygan MI US 1882-1927 388 1/30/2018
Clare Sentinel Clare MI US 1894-1977 2994 3/23/2018
Clare Courier Clare MI US 1896-1922 81 1/30/2018
Clare Rotary Chronicle Clare MI US 1955-1975 9 1/29/2018
Clare Sentinel and the Democrat Clare MI US 1896-1896 2 1/9/2018
Clare Press Clare MI US 1887-1887 2 1/9/2018
Clare Democrat and Press Clare MI US 1891-1892 2 1/8/2018
Clare Democrat Clare MI US 1887-1889 2 1/8/2018
Clare County Press Clare MI US 1881-1886 2 1/4/2018
The Clio Messenger Clio MI US 1907-1922 522 3/19/2020
Constantine Republican Constantine MI US 1836-1838 107 3/19/2020
Covert Weekly Review Covert MI US 1901-1901 7 6/5/2018
The Diamond Drill Crystal Falls MI US 1887-1922 2158 7/14/2020
Dearborn Independent Dearborn MI US 1919-1921 104 3/17/2020
Detroit Times Detroit MI US 1908-1917 2965 3/4/2021
Detroit Tribune Detroit MI US 1935-1966 1555 7/14/2020
The Tribune Independent Of Michigan Detroit MI US 1933-1935 79 7/14/2020
Detroit Detroiter Abend Post Detroit MI US 1914-1918 1605 6/9/2020
Romanul American Detroit MI US 1942-1963 873 6/9/2020
Ad Daleel Detroit MI US 1943-1951 189 6/9/2020
Detroit American Catholic Tribune Detroit MI US 1887-1894 285 5/10/2020
The Cass County Republican Dowagiac MI US 1858-1880 312 6/9/2020
Charlevoix County Herald East Jordan MI US 1904-1921 872 3/19/2020
Escanaba Daily Press UPDATED Escanaba MI US 1910-2021 25720 9/2/2021
Escanaba Morning Press Escanaba MI US 1909-1921 528 7/31/2018
Daily Press Escanaba MI US 1963-1981 74 10/1/2015
Escanaba Upper Peninsula Sunday Times Escanaba MI US 1978-1979 11 7/1/2015
Farwell News Farwell MI US 1953-1971 446 2/27/2018
Grand River Times Grand Haven MI US 1851-1857 311 9/11/2020
The Grand Haven News Grand Haven MI US 1858-1866 318 6/9/2020
Grand Rapids Herald UPDATED Grand Rapids MI US 1892-1902 3260 6/10/2021
Grand Rapids Telegram Herald Grand Rapids MI US 1886-1892 1952 2/11/2021
Grand Rapids Morning Telegram Grand Rapids MI US 1884-1885 240 6/9/2020
De Sheboygan Nieuwsbode Grand Rapids MI US 1849-1861 558 5/2/2020
Crawford Avalanche Grayling MI US 1879-1900 918 6/9/2020
Harrison Clare County Cleaver Harrison MI US 1891-1976 595 2/27/2018
Hillsdale Standard Hillsdale MI US 1851-1899 2461 6/10/2020
Hillsdale Daily News Hillsdale MI US 1963-1990 8378 11/8/2016
Hillsdale Whig Standard Hillsdale MI US 1846-1988 174 4/29/2016
Hillsdale Daily Standard Hillsdale MI US 1876-1893 33 3/7/2016
Holland Sentinel UPDATED Holland MI US 1977-2021 967 9/2/2021
Holland Evening Sentinel Holland MI US 1948-1977 8328 5/12/2021
De Grondwet Holland MI US 1853-1938 4017 6/10/2020
Holland City News Holland MI US 1960-1977 921 10/27/2014
Daily Globe UPDATED Ironwood MI US 1919-2014 21808 8/26/2021
Ironwood Times UPDATED Ironwood MI US 1888-1946 2629 8/11/2021
Ironwood Daily Globe UPDATED Ironwood MI US 1925-2014 17369 8/9/2021
Ironwood Auttaja Ironwood MI US 1906-1963 2531 5/25/2020
Ironwood Daily Advocate Ironwood MI US 1891-2001 30 5/1/2016
Midweek Daily Globe Ironwood MI US 2001-2001 2 3/9/2016
Ironwood Interstate News Record Ironwood MI US 1891-1891 2 4/24/2015
Ironwood News Record Ironwood MI US 1892-1921 1369 2/12/2015
Interstate News Record Ironwood MI US 1890-1891 50 1/28/2015
Ironwood Gogebic Advocate Ironwood MI US 1890-1892 53 5/12/2010
Daily Advocate Ironwood MI US 1891-1892 42 5/12/2010
Gogebic Advocate Ironwood MI US 1890-1892 57 12/15/2009
American Citizen Ironwood MI US 1893-1893 8 10/19/2009
Ironwood Advocate Ironwood MI US 1891-1892 73 10/19/2009
Lake Superior Citizen Ironwood MI US 1894-1894 31 10/19/2009
Gogebic Iron Spirit Ironwood MI US 1890-1892 16 10/19/2009
Inter State News Record Ironwood MI US 1890-1890 1 1/13/2009
Ironwood Inter State News Ironwood MI US 1890-1890 1 1/13/2009
Ironwood Lake Superior Citizen Ironwood MI US 1894-1894 17 9/26/2008
Ironwood Advocate Ironwood MI US 1891-1892 8 9/26/2008
Ironwood American Citizen Ironwood MI US 1893-1893 8 9/26/2008
Iron County Miner Ironwood MI US 1985-1985 1 9/17/2008
Kalamazoo College Index Kalamazoo MI US 1878-1977 70 5/8/2020
Kalamazoo Focus Kalamazoo MI US 1965-1968 38 1/30/2018
Kalamazoo Focus News Kalamazoo MI US 1968-1977 164 1/30/2018
L Anse Sentinel L Anse MI US 1901-1954 1608 4/10/2019
The Lanse Sentinel L’ Anse MI US 1890-1924 1716 7/14/2020
The Lansing State Republican Lansing MI US 1859-1866 395 6/10/2020
Lansing Sol de Aztlan Lansing MI US 1970-1971 9 1/30/2018
Lansing Westside News Lansing MI US 1969-1971 16 1/30/2018
Lansing Inner City Times Lansing MI US 1968-1969 15 1/30/2018
Lansing Post Lansing MI US 1963-1964 12 1/28/2018
Lansing New World Lansing MI US 1973-1973 1 1/27/2018
Lansing Times Lansing MI US 1975-1975 1 1/25/2018
Ludington Daily News Ludington MI US 1913-1977 15544 2/28/2011
Marquette Upper Peninsula Catholic Marquette MI US 1974-1976 151 12/18/2014
Marshall Advisor and Chronicle UPDATED Marshall MI US 2009-2020 618 8/11/2021
Marshall Chronicle Marshall MI US 1939-2009 5018 9/12/2018
Marshall Community Ad-Visor Marshall MI US 2003-2009 254 9/12/2018
Marshall Review Marshall MI US 2001-2003 55 9/12/2018
Marshall Evening Chronicle Marshall MI US 1928-1998 17152 8/18/2017
Marshall Daily Chronicle Marshall MI US 1879-1990 6818 2/4/2013
Marshall Expounder Marshall MI US 1885-1960 578 2/4/2013
Weekend Marshall Chronicle Marshall MI US 1991-1995 41 2/4/2013
Marshall Historian Marshall MI US 1986-1986 1 12/18/2012
Daily Chronicle Marshall MI US 1891-1988 173 12/18/2012
Evening Chronicle Marshall MI US 1912-1998 4430 12/18/2012
Democratic Expounder Marshall MI US 1851-1895 1111 5/16/2009
Marshall Evening Statesman Marshall MI US 1887-1914 602 3/31/2008
Daily News Marshall MI US 1903-1930 2304 3/31/2008
Evening Statesman Marshall MI US 1887-1887 9 3/31/2008
Semi Weekly Marshall Expounder Marshall MI US 1886-1886 8 3/31/2008
Marshall Western Statesman Marshall MI US 1839-1843 206 3/31/2008
Marshall Statesman Marshall MI US 1843-1914 3155 3/31/2008
Daily Statesman Marshall MI US 1881-1881 4 3/31/2008
Calhoun County Patriot Marshall MI US 1838-1840 85 3/31/2008
Marshall Democratic Expounder and Calhoun Patriot Marshall MI US 1841-1875 448 3/31/2008
Semi Weekly Statesman Marshall MI US 1887-1887 34 3/31/2008
Weekly Statesman Marshall MI US 1887-1887 11 3/31/2008
Marshall Daily News Marshall MI US 1899-1903 715 3/28/2008
Marshall News Marshall MI US 1898-1912 615 3/25/2008
Marshall News Statesman Marshall MI US 1914-1919 1010 7/28/2007
Milford Times Milford MI US 1882-1913 10 1/30/2018
Monitor Leader Mount Clemens MI US 1942-1945 713 4/14/2021
Mount Pleasant Daily Times Mount Pleasant MI US 1927-1931 1033 1/30/2018
Mount Pleasant Isabella County Enterprise Mount Pleasant MI US 1882-1926 311 1/30/2018
Mount Pleasant Times and Isabella County Enterprise Mount Pleasant MI US 1926-1927 62 1/30/2018
Mount Pleasant Times Mount Pleasant MI US 1926-1926 13 1/29/2018
Owosso times Owosso MI US 1881-1922 1973 9/11/2020
The True Northerner Paw Paw MI US 1858-1919 2283 7/14/2020
Pinckney Dispatch Pinckney MI US 1848-1965 3221 5/31/2019
The East Saginaw Courier Saginaw MI US 1859-1866 358 6/9/2020
Saint Clair times NEW Saint Clair MI US 2012-2013 16 9/2/2021
Saint Louis Leader Saint Louis MI US 1880-1911 5 1/30/2018
Saline Reporter Saline MI US 1958-1977 975 3/23/2018
Saline Observer Saline MI US 1882-1959 1892 3/23/2018
Saline Review Saline MI US 1874-1874 1 1/9/2018
Sault Ste Marie Evening News Sault Ste Marie MI US 1903-1974 7237 1/11/2011
Sault Ste Marie Democrat Sault Ste Marie MI US 1887-1887 34 5/16/2009
Shepherd Argus Shepherd MI US 1960-1966 278 3/23/2018
Sherman Wexford County Pioneer Sherman MI US 1879-1879 1 1/6/2018
South Haven Daily Tribune UPDATED South Haven MI US 1899-2017 22729 8/11/2021
South Haven Tribune Messenger South Haven MI US 1845-1917 707 9/14/2018
South Haven Sentinel South Haven MI US 1807-1904 1494 9/14/2018
South Haven Morning Sentinel South Haven MI US 1901-1903 664 9/14/2018
South Haven Tribune South Haven MI US 1899-1899 3 6/5/2018
South Haven Messenger South Haven MI US 1845-1900 828 6/5/2018
South Haven Weekly Tribune South Haven MI US 1899-1902 175 6/5/2018
St Joseph Herald Press St Joseph MI US 1868-1974 6976 10/13/2018
Saint Joseph Weekly Press St Joseph MI US 1906-1909 169 1/13/2004
Traverse City Record Eagle UPDATED Traverse City MI US 1897-2021 16426 9/2/2021
Traverse City North Coast UPDATED Traverse City MI US 2011-2021 423 9/2/2021
Traverse City Evening Record Traverse City MI US 1897-1910 2074 11/21/2014
Traverse City Morning Record Traverse City MI US 1897-1901 802 10/11/2014
Traverse City Bay Eagle Traverse City MI US 1898-1901 87 8/23/2014
Traverse Bay Eagle Traverse City MI US 1898-1898 14 7/15/2014
Grand Traverse Herald Traverse City MI US 1858-1913 974 1/26/2011
Grand Traverse Herald and Traverse Bay Eagle Traverse City MI US 1908-1913 155 1/18/2011
Grand Traverse Press Traverse City MI US 1918-1918 6 8/4/2010
Traverse City Press Traverse City MI US 1917-1918 18 11/6/2007
Traverse City Honest Opinion Traverse City MI US 1919-1919 3 10/11/2007
Wakefield News Wakefield MI US 1924-1977 2703 7/2/2015
Wakefield Advocate Wakefield MI US 1902-1924 210 5/31/2015
Wakefield Bulletin Wakefield MI US 1887-1971 54 4/24/2015
Wakefield News Review Wakefield MI US 1924-1924 1 2/2/2015
Washtenaw Reporter Washtenaw MI US 1948-1958 393 1/30/2018
Weidman Dispatch Weidman MI US 1946-1947 52 8/19/2014
Weekly Expositor Yale MI US 1882-1894 632 7/14/2020
Yale Expositor Yale MI US 1894-1922 1472 7/14/2020
Ypsilanti Sentinel Ypsilanti MI US 1843-1848 144 7/14/2020

Oakview Cemetery Interments Database Corrected

The database links have been corrected and now link to the correct detail. I appreciate the member who let me know about this error so I could correct it.  Members may access the database at this link.

Oakview Interments

The database is being reconfigured due to errors. Please bear with us until complete.

Meeting Information and Membership Renewal

This is the time of year when we traditionally send a membership renewal mailing by USPS. Since this service is increasing more expensive the board has elected to send most renewal notices by email.  You may download a membership form to mail in if you do not wish to renew online by PayPal or credit card.  To view your expiration date and renew online please login using the form on the right of this page. If you don’t know your password, use the forgot password link to reset your password and login.

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You can access the program schedule here.

Here is a communication from our President, Judy Nimer Muhn:
Members and Friends of the Oakland County Genealogical Society,

As we begin a new program year for 2021-2022, we want to thank you for staying with us through the adjustments we all made in 2020!  Our membership reflected a broader representation from across the United States and Canada and we were thrilled to be able to share programming via Zoom – to keep us all focused on our research and moving forward in a positive and productive way to finding our ancestors!

We are grateful that you have kept the Oakland County Genealogical Society a part of your life and learning options, and we are very pleased to offer some great programming in this coming year.  While we will initially be managing from our Zoom platform, your Board is working on having hybrid (Zoom and in-person) meetings – as we are so happy that our members are wanting to join from more distant locations AND to facilitate those for whom driving is not an easy option.

Thank you again to Vice President Derek Blunt for this years’ program – with a decidedly “Great Lakes” feel to our sessions, our presenters will give you a variety of perspectives on the Old Northwest, a variety of contexts about Michigan and Oakland County, and presentations about African-American Genealogy as well as the close relationships between Michigan and Ontario.  Thank you to our speakers for their expertise and knowledge!

In our annual joint meeting with the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research on November 6 (note – Saturday!), we will be joined by John Beatty from the Genealogy Center, Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  His topic:  Ethnic & Religious Group Migrations to Michigan.  Watch for emails, Facebook posts and our website for this.

As we move into the transition to a hybrid environment, please be sure to watch our Facebook page ( and our website ( for updates and directions on how to sign up for the Zoom link.  Please note that the October and November sessions as of July are planned as fully Zoom sessions, with our plan to first attempt hybrid meetings in either December or January – cross your fingers!

Again, thank you for your membership in our society and know that we welcome your comments, suggestions, and input at any time.  My email is and I welcome your involvement!

Judy Nimer Muhn


MGC Fall Virtual Family History Seminar with Bernice Alexander Bennett

Saturday, September 18, 2021
MGC Fall Virtual Family History Seminar with Bernice Alexander Bennett
9:00 am to 5:00 pm – Virtual seminar

Award-winning author, genealogist, talk show host and storyteller, Bernice Alexander Bennett will be our speaker. Bennett is the recipient of the first Ida B. Wells Service Award from the Sons and Daughters of the U.S. Middle Passages for her dedication to broadcast the stories about enslaved and indentured ancestors of African descent. Her book, “Tracing Their Steps” is the winner of the 2021 New Generation Indie Book Award and the Phillis Wheatley Award. Bennett is a nationally recognized speaker, having presented at conferences such as the National Genealogical Society, Midwest African American Genealogy Institute, RootsTech, Afro-American Historical and Genealogy Society, the International Black Genealogy Summit, and more.
The cost to attend is $25, with early bird savings of $5 through midnight Labor Day, September 6.

Click here to register.
We look forward to you joining us on September 18!  from the Michigan Genealogical Council Seminar Committee

Join us for these exciting topics.
​9:00 – 9:15 am: Welcome and remarks (Rozlyn Kelly, MGC President, Mark Harvey, Archives of Michigan State Archivist, Tim Gleisner, Library of Michigan Special Collections Manager)
9:15 – 10:15 am: Bernice Alexander Bennett – USCT Civil War Widows Pension Records Tell the Story will discuss the anatomy of a Civil War Widows Pension file and several examples to illustrate the value of using these records.
10:30 – 11:30 am: Bernice Alexander Bennett – Black Homesteaders at the Crossroad of Freedom will answer these questions: Who were the homesteaders? What is the Homestead Act of 1862? What are the eligibility requirements? What is the application process? and What can you find in the land entry papers?
11:45 am – 12:45 pm: Tim Gleisner, Library of Michigan Special Collections Manager – What can you find with your Library of Michigan Card? Learn about resources available to Library of Michigan cardholders for family history research including the Grand Rapids Press historical archives, the Michigan Chronicle, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Toronto Globe and Mail, and Michigan Sanborn maps.
12:45 – 1:15: pm Lunch Break
1:15 – 2:15 pm: Bernice Alexander Bennett – Writing and Telling Your Story. Do you have a story to tell and don’t know how to write or tell it? This session will explore how you can turn your genealogical research into a compelling and engaging family story.
2:30 – 3:30 pm: Bernice Alexander Bennett – Follow the Witnesses will show how following witnesses on documents can reveal the community history.
3:45 – 4:45 pm: Kris Rzepczynski, Senior Archivist, Archives of Michigan – Researching Your Family’s History at the Archives of Michigan. An introduction to the Archives of Michigan, this program will explore the genealogical collections available there, including original source records, published resources, and online tools at Michiganology. Also, learn about the ongoing Michigan naturalization and probate records digitization projects.
4:45 – 5:00 pm: Closing Remarks (Rozlyn Kelly)