Renew Your Membership

Join the Society online and access the member area immediately. Over forty years of our Quarterly, Acorns to Oaks, Society databases, and some Society publications are available in the member area. You will be able to link directly to a page or issue of Acorns to Oaks from a surname index of all issues. Quickly see the information on your ancestor’s name in Acorns. Members receive a copy of Acorns to Oaks, our quarterly, four times a year.  Members located outside the United States will receive a digital copy of Acorns to Oaks by email.

Please note that Organizational Members such as libraries, historical societies and archives are *not* eligible for access to the member area; but receive quarterly mailings of Acorns to Oaks.

OCGS Membership
Our membership is a rolling offering, and will expire 12 months after your previous payment. Membership includes access to all data in our Member Only area, including a digital copy of our Quarterly, Acorns to Oaks, which is published online four times a year. Digital only publication of Acorns to Oaks will begin in January, 2024. At that time individual members will receive an email notifying them when a new issue is available to download. Institutional and Organizational members will receive an email with the digital issue attached. These members should notify OCGS of the proper email address for this email.
Price: $25.00

Check your email after you complete  your payment for a link to complete your registration. It may take a few minutes to arrive. You may also email us if you do not receive the link.